If you swallow gum, you might rethink doing that after you see this experiment

Chewing gum is a favorite for many, from young children to full grown adults. Some people just like to chew gum until the flavor is gone, others chew out of habit, and others just like to blow bubbles. Chewing gums only use, typically, is for chewing, but not for the world of science.
There have been many experiments done with chewing gum. After you watch 6 science experiments with chewing gum, you may be motivated to try an experiment for yourself.
1. Swallowing experiment
Of course, gum is supposed to chewed, but have you ever wondered what happens when you swallow your gum. This experiment shows what happens inside of your body when you swallow your chewing gum. The next time you are about to swallow you chewing gum, you may think twice.
2. Dissolving experiment
Does everything dissolve in water; maybe and maybe not. Watch this experiment and find out if chewing gum does or does not dissolve in water, and what happens next.
3. Chewing gum experiment
This is the only experiment on the list were you actually get to chew the gum. This experiment allows you to determine which chewing gum flavor last the longest. This may be your favorite experiment, and we can totally see why. Watch the video below to see how the person in the video did their chewing gum experiment.
4. Bubblegum bubble experiment
One of the best parts of chewing gum is blowing bubbles, and getting those bubbles as large as your breath will make them. But which type of chewing gum makes the best bubbles? This question will be answered in the video below by two young ladies who did their own bubble gum bubble experiment.
5. Hot knife experiment
This may be one of the most dangerous chewing gum experiments as it involved an extremely hot knife and chewing up. If you are going to try this experiment make sure you are in a safe location with flame retard materials, as it can get a little smoky as the video of the experiment below reveals.
6. Gum stick experiment
It seems like no matter the surface gum can stick to it but is that a fact? Does gum stick to every surface? Watch the experiment below and see what results Coleman and Robbie found when they stuck gum to different types of materials to see if the gum would stick to it and hold other items.
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